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Industry badges NOW included in curriculum

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IBM Courses

Artificial intelligence

In this course, you will learn what AI is, explore use cases and applications of AI, understand AI concepts and terms like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. You will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics and bias, and jobs, and get advice from experts about learning and starting a career in AI. The course does not require any programming or computer science expertise and is designed to introduce the basics of AI to anyone whether you have a technical background or not.

Data Science

In this course, you will learn what data science is, the various activities of a data scientist’s job, and the methodology to think and work like a data scientist. You will also develop hands-on skills using the tools, languages, and libraries used by professional data scientists. The course includes importing and cleaning data sets, analysing and visualising data, building and evaluating machine learning models and pipelines.

Cyber security

Cyber security is everyone’s business.

Cyber security skills are required across every industry segment, government organisation and other institutions. IBM Security offers hands-on access to leading enterprise security solutions for the purpose of learning and developing highly sought-after cyber security skills.

Quantum computing

Over 50 years of advances in mathematics, materials science and computer science have transformed quantum computing from theory to reality. Today, real quantum computers can be accessed through the cloud, and many thousands of people have used them to learn, conduct research and tackle new problems.

Quantum computing could one day provide breakthroughs in many disciplines, including materials and drug discovery, the optimisation of complex systems, and AI. But to realise those breakthroughs and to make quantum computers widely useable and accessible, we need to reimagine information processing and the machines that do it. This course gives students exposure to quantum computing for business and science.

AWS Courses

Cloud computing foundations

This course gives you the foundational cloud computing skills that are crucial in enabling you to be on the cutting-edge of cloud technology and at the forefront of cloud innovation. As businesses embrace cloud technology, you will be able to help organisations transform at a rapid pace, especially in today’s escalating digital transformation.

Data analytics

This is a foundational course. The course helps learners develop skills with AWS services that are critical for conducting an analysis of big data problems. The course consists of a series of labs that you can integrate with your existing courses on data mining, data analysis, or data science.

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CIMA Courses

Robotics Process Automation Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals Certificate

This course will focus on robotic process automation benefits and how the use of software robots can enable your business or clients to become more competitive and agile.

Robotics Process Automation

Strategy for Business Leaders Certificate
In this course, you will learn how RPA is transforming businesses and understand how RPA provides a significant competitive advantage. Also, you will learn key considerations and steps needed to begin building your RPA strategy, including how to address the cultural shift needed to overcome the “fear of robots” and the critical role human intelligence plays to ensure a successful strategy.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has quietly been turbocharging Excel by integrating industrial-strength business intelligence and reporting engines into it.

Advantages of the badges for Richfield students

  • A Richfield education offers all students who choose to study any one of our IT courses, with the opportunity to receive badges and certification from IBM, AWS, CISCO, Oracle and CIMA – which are some of the world’s leading organisations.
  • Courses from these industry-leading organistions are integrated into the Richfield curriculum, meaning students are exposed to more than an ordinary degree, Diploma or Higher Certificate, which helps them tap into their creative thinking and expand on what is being taught to them in more innovative ways.
  • These courses also foster a mindset of independence and solutions-driven thinking, through research and the application of real-life scenarios that provide students with an in-depth understanding of the real world of IT.
  • The badges and certification, together with a world-class Richfield qualification, makes our students more employable and differentiates them from every other job seeker in the market.
  • This partnership bridges the skills gap between academia and the IT industry, as students have the opportunity to enter the job market with confidence, and highly sought-after CVs that are decorated with all the industry-specific badges and certification.
  • The badges come at no extra cost to our students. Once students are certified, they are added onto relevant databases, benefiting from embedded job postings and connections to hiring employers.
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