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Richfield’s Faculty of Business Management Science offers a comprehensive Master of Business Administration program built for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their leadership and business skills for the global economy. It is designed to provide a well-rounded education in both business and management fundamentals focusing on digital and technological capabilities. The curriculum emphasises on critical theories and strategies to help corporate management become effective problem-solvers in their organisations and businesses. The global perspective on the business sector helps candidates to research and formulate solutions on important topics such as Digital Transformation, International Business Strategy, Strategic Marketing Management, Business Ethics, and more, within the African context.


Richfield has led the charge in innovative and cutting-edge higher education for over 32 years. Their Master of Business Administration program, a curriculum benchmarked against the world’s best institutions, is geared to promote independent thinking, self-direction, and autonomous behaviour in planning and implementing desired solutions for organisations.

Its mission is to provide candidates with the tools to completely transform their careers by providing them with the necessary business and leadership knowledge. The core modules focus on topics such as Digital Transformation, International Business Strategy, Strategic Marketing Management, and Business Ethics and in this era of technological disruption, any manager or leader who wants to remain relevant and lead effectively will require a combination of these skills and experiences. This technology focus helps candidates to obtain a wider scope in various key 4IR technologies with a wider understanding of the potential applications of that technology that drive innovation and strategy to make companies successful.

For example, in the course “Strategic Information Technology Management,” candidates delve into the strategic roles of managers in leveraging technology for effective problem-solving and decision-making. The curriculum covers emerging technological challenges, the significance of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) for organisations, and the application of IT tools in designing operational, managerial, and strategic systems.

In “Managing Digital Transformation,” one will explore the influence of 5G networks on global business, the role of cloud computing in business operations, and the utilisation of modern IT platforms in a digital economy. Furthermore, the incorporation of automation and robotics into the Richfield MBA equips one with the skills to oversee international teams, fostering collaboration between individuals and technologies to drive meaningful advancements in both business and society.

Additionally, Richfield recognises the shift in the world of study and work, where individuals seek quick solutions online without having to leave the comfort of their homes or give time away to other priorities. For this reason, the Richfield MBA program can be studied completely online, allowing candidates flexibility professionally and personally. As a Richfield alumnus, candidates will also have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow their careers through engagement within the Richfield online community and broader alumni network.

Should one choose Richfield as their institution of choice to complete their Master of Business Administration, they will play an important role in contributing to the socio-economic and technological needs of society through knowledge obtained from a diverse and innovative curriculum underpinned by digital disruptions.



Managing Digital Transformation
The objective of this module is to provide you with the capacity to analyse and comprehend the ever evolving and transformative aspects of digital technology, which is progressively becoming the catalyst for fundamental innovation and disruption. Throughout this course, you will acquire profound insights and comprehensive understanding of digitalization and 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution). Additionally, you will be equipped with the skills to leverage data and cutting-edge technologies in order to generate value, boost revenue, and enhance operational efficiency.

Strategic Financial Management
Non-traditional management approaches have significantly influenced control systems, rendering the conventional accounting model seemingly unsuitable and potentially deceptive.

This module integrates financial and strategic management, amalgamating financial standards into all facets of managerial decision-making. Simultaneously, it reimagines the role of accounting in our rapidly changing world. Through this module, you will develop advanced proficiencies in applying financial principles that are pertinent to strategic management within diverse organizational settings.

Strategic Marketing Management
In today’s context, it is essential for both managers and leaders to recognize the importance of embracing a systematic approach to marketing and adhering to a value-centred framework for creating sustainable market offerings. This module delves into the creation and execution of marketing strategies, offering frameworks that enable the identification and assessment of strategic alternatives.

Innovative Talent Management
This module offers a thorough examination of fundamental concepts and principles in leadership, organizational development, and strategic talent management within the context of establishing and guiding a high-performance organization. Emphasis is placed on the management of people as the foremost valuable assets, crucial for establishing a competitive advantage in organizations dealing with intense competition.

Strategic Information Technology Management
This module explores the technical and managerial complexities brought about by emerging and evolving technologies. It takes into account the factors influencing the type and speed of technological advancement and the strategic choices accessible to both well-established and innovative organizations.

In the process, the module evaluates both internal and external origins of innovation, along with the suitable tactics and procedures for leveraging them. This equips you with advanced knowledge and skills in analytical problem-solving, empowering you to bring substantial value to your organization through the strategic utilization and oversight of information and technology.

Strategic Leadership
Managers and leaders must possess a comprehensive understanding of crafting, implementing, and aligning business strategies. This module facilitates an exploration, examination, and assessment of the most current leadership theories and contemporary practices being employed in organizations worldwide.

You will delve into emerging subjects such as emotional intelligence, leadership vision, courage, leading virtual teams, and open innovation, and learn how to link these concepts to real-world leadership choices. In addition to acquiring the tools and a mindset required to excel in the demanding yet rewarding senior executive landscape, you will also be able to navigate the intricacies of strategic leadership.

Business Research
Managers and leaders must grasp the art of addressing management and leadership dilemmas through systematic research, ensuring that the solutions are based on solid empirical evidence, validity, and reliability. This module equips you with advanced expertise in conducting research across diverse business scenarios.

International Business Strategy
This module scrutinizes the strategies employed by multinational enterprises to cultivate and harness their capabilities and competencies, thereby gaining a competitive edge in global markets. A primary objective of this module is to explore how managers formulate and put into practice international business strategies.

The motivations driving international expansion are subject to in-depth analysis, with special attention to comprehending the distinctive traits of emerging and transitioning economies. The interactions between environmental factors and the administration of international businesses will be explored from both theoretical and practical standpoints.

Strategic Operations Management
The aim of this module is to impart you with insightful knowledge and proficiency across diverse facets of operations management. You will develop a more profound comprehension of the pivotal role of the operational function in an organization’s achievements.

This module empowers you to explore the strategic utilization of operations management in both manufacturing and service environments, spanning across private and public sectors. Furthermore, you will be introduced to a range of technologies and systems designed to enhance and optimize organizational operations.

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies
This module serves as an introduction to various cutting-edge technologies, such as robotics and autonomous systems. It aims to provide you with an understanding of the necessity to adopt emerging and disruptive technologies, along with novel business models, to enhance productivity and adaptability in the ongoing technological revolution.

Within this module, you will also examine the societal consequences of advanced technologies and learn how to manage them effectively. It encourages a critical analysis of business models from a technological perspective, enabling you to incorporate relevant new technologies into your specific area of expertise. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to earn Information Technology certifications and badges in various courses offered by organizations like IBM, Amazon Web Services Academy, Salesforce, CIMA, and CISCO.

Credit bearing and compulsory to obtain qualification.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Present-day managers and leaders must establish a solid framework of concepts and insights to guide their thoughts and actions. This is essential for them to grasp the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship in contemporary economies and to recognize their own capabilities in these domains.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are intricately linked and cannot be comprehended fully when studied in isolation, hence the integration within this module. Additionally, this module places emphasis on the competencies required for the strategic planning, creation, and introduction of entrepreneurial and innovative ventures.

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Recent ethical controversies on both a national and international scale, alongside political unrest, underscore the critical need for managers and leaders to grasp the significance of business ethics and corporate governance. This module thoroughly explores the roles of boards, corporate management, and employees within various governance frameworks, as well as delving into ethical principles and the moral and ethical challenges that surface within a business environment.

Additionally, students are provided with the option to select from a variety of executive education programs specifically tailored for MBA students. These programs come complete with relevant assessments and offer flexibility in terms of their duration.

Women in Leadership
The Women in Leadership course is purposefully designed for both women and organizations committed to empowering women to reach their personal and professional goals while addressing the challenges and opportunities they encounter. The course content covers a wide spectrum of topics, including boosting self-confidence and self-awareness, enhancing career advancement through leadership, communication, and negotiation skills, overcoming gender bias, and drawing inspiration from successful women who have navigated the evolving corporate landscape.

Shireen Chengadu, the lead facilitator, not only serves as Richfield’s Chief Academic Officer but also holds a prominent reputation in leadership, gender studies, and the development of inclusive organizations. Additionally, the course incorporates insights from both men and women across various sectors who are championing genuine diversity and transformation.

Non-credit bearing

Global Immersion
In the current post-COVID era, where international borders have once again opened for business, students who enrol in this segment of the International Study program will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a 7-8-day global experience. This experience provides insights into best practices, cutting-edge industries, the local economy, as well as the political and social dynamics of the country or countries included in the study trips.

The program combines visits to prominent companies, interactions with experts from various universities and business schools, and engagement with fellow students. Additionally, students will partake in social and cultural experiences within the host country, offering a firsthand understanding of the challenges and opportunities in conducting international business. This experience not only enriches your global business perspective but also opens doors to exploring international career opportunities. The program is contingent on reaching a minimum number of participants, which may encompass current MBA students, MBA alumni, and corporate clients who choose to join this global immersion.

IT Bootcamps for Badges & Certifications
AWS, CISCO, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle and CIMA Industry badges.


Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), registered with the Department of Higher Education & Training as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No. 2000/HE07/008.

Higher Education Programmes are offered at Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Honours and Masters level in the Faculties of Information and Communications Technology; Business, Economics and Management Sciences. The institution has a proud track record of 33 years in operation with 140 000 students having completed a range of programmes over this period.

Student Body

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Landry Mutombo
Director: InspHired – MBA Candidate

Landry Mutombo, Director and Founder of InspHired Recruitment Solutions is a proud Richfield MBA Alumnus. One of his remarks about our curricula was that he is able to apply knowledge back into his business, and as a result seeing successful returns.

Click here to hear more about his experience.

Dinisha Munian
Associate Director – MBA Candidate

Associate Director at Deloitte, Dinisha, embarked on the Richfield MBA with the goal to invest in her career. Her 15 years as a tax specialist has taught her that innovation is crucial, and the skills and knowledge learnt from the MBA make one more effective and innovative in ones role.

“You will get a deeper understanding of the latest business trends, digital transformation and collaborative economic models.”

Click here to hear more about her experience.


  • Honours degree or postgraduate diploma (NQF Level 8)
  • Equivalent NQF 8 qualification
  • Relevant work-related experience
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

How to Apply


You will be required to submit:

  • The online application form
  • A R700 deposit (non-refundable)
  • Completed assessments
  • Proof of previous qualification and work experience
  • Three years of work-related experience (previous or current).


  • Review of application by the Admissions Committee, comprising of Group Chief Academic Officer, Group Chief Academic Registrar, Director: Group Academic Administration and Deans will review complete applications in a holistic manner.
  • You may be invited for an online interview before a final decision is reached.


  • You’ve made it!
  • On receipt of a letter of acceptance, you will be required to pay a deposit of R5 000, which will be offset against your first fee payment.

Dates & Fees

MBA PRICING 2024: Upfront Option

Upfront Payment Total – R166 980

  • Year 1 – R86 990
  • Year 2 – R79 999


MBA PRICING 2024: Payment Plan Option

11 Month Payment Plan Total – R188 688

  • Year 1R98 299
  • Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit) – R8 482
  • Year 2 R90 389
  • Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit) – R7 763

Terms and conditions apply


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Open Days



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When we developed the Richfield MBA, our main aim was to create versatile leaders of tomorrow, to equip you with the tools and techniques that create the competitive edge that makes business grow.

We look forward to crafting your success and your journey. My academic team and administrative team have teamed up to ensure that we have a powerhouse of individuals to assist you with your qualification. The mode of our programme falls under the distance learning modality to allow students to live life and most importantly, make memories along the way. We take a lot of pride in knowing that we have the opportunity to be a part of your career journey. As we create the future leaders of tomorrow, I would like to wish you well on your programme and more importantly, I look forward to seeing you at the finishing line.

Ravika Sookraj
Managing Director

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