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Our Bursaries

Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd acknowledges its responsibility to the South African Higher Education Act towards ensuring that sufficient graduates are produced to assist in addressing the unemployment rate in Southern Africa.

Approximately 47% of the South African population cannot afford tertiary education fees. Bearing in mind that we are a Private Higher Education Institution and receive no government funding or sponsorships, there is never sufficient funding for all applicants and all applicants are financially screened and listed in academic priority. For this reason, the policy and procedures for the awarding of bursaries have been developed to ensure that the Institution’s Bursary Scheme will enable the Institution to play a role in increasing the availability of appropriately qualified graduates to the respective industries and that this process is managed equitably.


The Bursary makes provision for tuition fees only. Any other materials (including the Tablet PC) needs to be purchased and payed for at the students’ own cost, as this is required by the student to successfully complete the relevant studies.

After completion of a student’s course, the student may be requested to assist the Institution in his / her qualified field at any of the Institution’s national campuses for a period equivalent to the period for which the Bursary was awarded.

Bursary recipient progress reports are to be submitted along with motivation from the recipient’s campus manager/administrator together with their results as and when needed (per semester/annually).

Failure to pass a semester or year course can result in the cancellation of the Bursary.

The Institution reserves the right as custodian of the Bursary to change the policy, as and when it deems it necessary, but this will only be done with prior notice.

The evaluation and approval of applications for bursaries will be handled by the Bursary Department and the Institution’s management team.

How to Apply?

Download the Bursary Application Form HERE

Complete the form and email it to

The first deadline is the 15th January 2020

Covid-19 Fees Relief

If you need course fee relief due to covid-19; please fill in the following survey so that we can assess your application and revert back to you asap.

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