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Recognition of Prior Learning

Take your education to the next level

Take your education to the next level

Richfield can help you with lifelong learning if you:

  • want to transfer from another Higher Education Institution for safety reasons
  • want to continue studying after having dropped out from a public or private higher education institution
  • wave passed modules at another institution and want to transfer credits
  • want to study in the distance mode, i.e. part time.
  • want to be exempted for certain modules via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • want to be granted access to a qualification

Study any one of our programmes in the DISTANCE mode:

  1. Higher Certificate in Information Technology (1 year)
  2. Higher Certificate in Business Administration (1 year)
  3. Higher Certificate in Local Government Management (1 year)
  4. Higher Certificate in RPL Activities (1 year)
  5. Higher Certificate in Computer Forensics (1 year)
  6. Diploma in Local Government Management (3 Year)
  7. Diploma in Information Technology (3 year)
  8. Diploma in Business Administration (3 year)
  9. Bachelor of Commerce (3 year)
  10. Bachelor of Business Administration (3 year)
  11. Bachelor of Public Management (3 year)
  12. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (3 year)

Post Graduate Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Information Technology (1 year)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (1 year)

For more information call 031 3049340 and speak to:

  • Dr Stephen Akandwanaho : Chief Academic Officer
  • Dr Muni Kooblal : Academic Registrar
  • Dr Raj Tulsee : Dean Faculty of Education & RPL
  • Prof Ahmed Sadeq Adam : Dean Faculty of Public Management and Local Government
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