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Richfield’s MBA Will Give You The Business And Leadership Tools, Techniques And Strategies To Enhance Your Growth And Success In A Digitally Disruptive And Fast-Moving Landscape.


Over the past few years, many companies have restructured their business models to compete with the growing technological advancements brought about by the pandemic. Success in this day and age is the ability to see toward the future and beyond, creating strategies that not only strengthen the organisational structure but upsurge the business overall. Richfield, as a leading Information Technology and Business institution for over 30 years, has found that disruption in business is centred around curiosity, the human experience and how it relates to the overall business structure. The rise of technological innovations is closely related to how science and technology work together to match the needs of customers in the contemporary world.

This starts by disrupting the educational landscape by teaching theories and methodologies that will improve how graduates, job sectors and the people who work in them formulate business strategies and processes that are in line with the economic world of tomorrow. For education to properly engage students, it has to meet them where they are by keeping abreast of relevant trends within the space and society as a whole. Technology has become a sure thing for every sector, and it has therefore become the role of every educator to interrogate the position that their curriculum holds when it comes to career success for students. Another trend in education is creating an environment for skill acceleration. The global market is becoming increasingly competitive, and employers are looking for individuals who possess problem-solving skills, are natural leaders and put creativity at the forefront. Richfield has recognised this change and has reinvented and transformed the way the MBA is taught.

The Richfield MBA was created with digital transformation in mind, filled with a comprehensive curriculum that challenges current approaches to business. It is designed for executives, managers and entrepreneurs who wish to implement fresh business strategies that are supported by innovative technological methods while advancing their careers. This advanced programme has been benchmarked against international institutions around the world and is transforming how people think and approach business by giving relevant and thought-provoking tools for the digital revolution.

At Richfield, students learn about emerging and disruptive technologies such as Robotics and Automation, how to overcome managerial challenges brought by evolving technologies, contemporary practices within the global market and so much more in this cutting-edge programme. Going beyond learning about a particular subject, to discovering its context, origin, and influence which are integral for contemporary business leadership. Richfield believes in flexibility; thus, we’ve created our programme to be studied online too, with state-of-the-art online tools.

Richfield’s postgraduate qualifications which include the Post Graduate Diploma in Management and the Bachelor of Science Honours in Information Technology give in-depth knowledge and expertise as well as professional skills to prepare graduates for the advanced curriculum that the MBA provides, making you the perfect candidate for solving managerial challenges. Richfield is all about giving you prominence in your career, that’s why we’ve partnered with respected organisations, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Amazon Web Services and CIMA, for this specialised program where graduates receive certification badges in addition to their qualification to authenticate their expertise. At Richfield, we know that a mix of technical experience with a managerial skillset can be your most significant career asset. It is not only about knowledge of technology but about a wider understanding of the potential applications of that technology that drives innovation and strategy to make companies successful.

The world is changing and so is your business, be the change-maker and advance your career with a Richfield MBA.

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“Through its technological focus, which is the differentiating factor for this MBA programme, society and the economy will benefit from the innovative and creative thinking of managers and leaders who will be technologically aligned and entrepreneurially inspired to create value and drive exponential growth.” – Shireen Chengadu; Group Chief Academic Officer”


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