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The School of Postgraduate Studies provides support and valuable information pertaining to the Postgraduate programmes.

The Institution provides disciplinary training and also focuses on developing the Postgraduate student as a researcher. The Postgraduate School offers workshops and seminars on a range of topics from national and international experts in various areas of scholarship.

In 2019, seminars were conducted by Prof. Susan Ogletree and Prof. Gwendolyn Benson who are renowned scholars and experts in Research, Community Engagement and Leadership from Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA.Ms. Melissa Hathaway also conducted a seminar to all our Postgraduate Students. Ms Hathaway is the former senior advisor to two US Presidents, Mr George W Bush and Mr Barack Obama.The institution uses modern systems, as well as structures to enhance the learning and research environments for students. The institution also has a pool of high level scholars and experts in various fields for research supervision and support of Postgraduate Students including:

  • Prof Louis Fourie
  • Prof Ronnie Perumal
  • Prof Adam Ahmed
  • Prof Chris Jooste
  • Prof Gustav Puth
  • Prof Serestina Viriri
  • Prof Susan Ogletree
  • Prof Gwendolyn Benson
  • Dr Stephen Akandwanaho
  • Dr Muni Kooblal

  • Dr Kiru Pillay
  • Dr Sanjay Ranjeeth
  • Dr Sonny Ako-Nai
  • Dr Chidi Idi Eke
  • Dr Gerald Thaver
  • Dr Ankit Katrodia
  • Dr Kriyanka Moodley
  • Dr Chris Roets
  • Dr Suresh Ramdial
  • Dr Raj Tulsee


Our postgraduate Faculty of Business and Management Sciences qualifications are only offered as Distance Learning.

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