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Graduation Registration

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2021.

Our virtual graduation ceremony takes place on the 23rd of September 2021.

All students are to please take note of the below registration information to confirm and secure your virtual seat, as well as to ensure that you attend at the right time.

Step 1:

  • Register to confirm your virtual seat at the 2021 Richfield Graduation Ceremony

Step 2:

  • Note the following session start time and order of events:

SESSION: 9H00 to 10H30

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Public Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Local Government Management
  • Diploma in Information Technology (3yrs)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (2yrs)
  • Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Diploma in Business Administration (3yrs)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (2yrs)
  • Higher Certificate in Local Government Management
  • Higher Certificate in Information Technology
  • Higher Certificate in Business Administration
  • Higher Certificate in Office Administration
  • Higher Certificate in Systems Engineering
  • TVET

Step 3:

  • Understanding the sessions above, be sure to register all your relevant details and remember to have your student number.

Step 4:

  • Upon completing your registration, you will receive an email with the link for the graduation. Please save it because this will be the link to use so that we see you on our virtual stage on the 23rd of September.

Step 5:


We look forward to seeing you all on our virtual graduation stage on the 23rd of September.


Please select a time slot below:

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