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Richfield, and AAA School of Advertising partner to launch Entrepreneurship Hub for young business minds

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa for 2022 has been reported to be the highest in the world, sitting at 63.9% for young people aged 15-24. So, how does society challenge the status quo in order to break the cycle of unemployment and decrease the skills gap? By creating platforms and initiatives that give young people an opportunity to thrive.

Growth-Ten, the holding company of Richfield and AAA School of Advertising realised the only way to recover is by creating opportunities within the educational system that will provide interpersonal and business skills for the youth. The current state of unemployment is a result of dependency on third parties for opportunities, so how do we teach young people to be the master of their own destinies? Entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship Hub, a coaching and mentorship initiative by Richfield and AAA School of Advertising, seeks to provide a platform for business-minded individuals to gain managerial, creative and leadership skills from respected businessmen and women through an extensive programme that will make them workplace and business ready. Growth-Ten and its holding companies have always believed that tertiary education should provide more than just a degree, with mentees being awarded entrepreneurship credentials from CIMA, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, and AWS after completion. The programme is broken down into three collaborative processes:

  1. Bootcamp: Knowledge and simulation session for mentees to connect and formulate ideas
  2. The Pitch: Presenting business ideas to investors
  3. Business Team Profiling

Starting from the 29th of August – 24 October 2022, participants will learn the fundamentals of setting up a business plan, Business Finance, Marketing Methods, Digital Entrepreneurship, Coding and more to set them up for parts 2 and 3; pitching for potential investment opportunities. The programme has already kicked off to an impressive start, with the first five students, Tawana Kombora, Kamogelo Malope, Ezra Elekwe, Ryan Chitate and Mitheel Ramdaw winning R10 000 for the development of the Entrepreneurship Hub website, which will be launched soon.

Growth-Ten, Richfield and AAA School of Advertising recognise that education in this day and age should not only seek to teach but to provide solutions for the society in which it exists in. Encouraging entrepreneurship in young people is a sure way to develop the economy, create job opportunities, boost productivity, create new markets, and bring more income into the country.

This is more than just a degree, it’s an innovation and solutions hub.

“The Entrepreneurship Hub is a game changer for our students. It will accelerate our academic transformation agenda to ensure that our students are innovating and creating ingenious solutions beyond their regular curriculum.  With the burgeoning poverty and unemployment levels in South Africa, our students will play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges through their start-ups.” Dr Stephen Akandwanaho, Ag. Dean of Faculty of Information Technology.

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