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HET: Assessments, Credit Accumulations and Progression

The Institution has introduced online assessments where applicable in tests and exams

Requirements for Assessments and Supplementary Examinations

Continuous assessments
It is the policy of the Institution that there shall be continuous assessments for programmes. The marks awarded in them shall be made part of the final mark and such details shall be provided to the student when required.

Continuous Assessments and final examination marks account for a minimum of 40% and 60% respectively for each module. The minimum pass mark per module is 50%.

A supplementary examination is offered to students who:

  • Obtain a sub-minimum of 40%
  • Missed exams due to illness/family bereavement/accident or other acceptable cause.

Note: Students who do not appear for a final examination have only one chance to pass the supplementary examination. Special examinations will be approved by the Deans of Faculties.

Requirements for Special Examinations

This concession is offered only to students who are in the final year of study.

  • Students must have only two modules outstanding to be eligible for a special examination

Requirements for progressing from one year of study to the next

Students may successfully progress to the next level of study on satisfying the following conditions:

  • Pass all modules
  • Pass a minimum of four modules and carry a maximum of two modules

Rules for carrying modules

  • Students carrying modules from one semester to the next are compelled to satisfy the pass requirements before sitting for the final examinations in the new semester e.g. BM511 must be passed to attempt BM512 or attempted concurrently.
  • No student will be allowed to carry more than two modules at an given time in any semester without the consent of the Dean of the Faculty.

Credit application and RPL

Students wanting to apply for credits or RPL must do so on the formal prescribed application forms.

Attendance and student fees

  • All students will attend lectures. Where a student does not adhere to this rule without genuine reasons, he/she shall be penalised and subject to disciplinary measures. Fees: All FEE obligations must be honoured as per the enrollment contract. Students will not graduate if fees are outstanding.


Students are allowed to appeal against the following decisions:

  • The outcome of the decision maker
  • An assessment mark

Procedure for lodging an appeal

The student shall have the right of appeal against any decision regarding guilt or penalty, and may appeal in writing to the Chairperson of the Appeals Committee within ten working days of the receipt of notification of the penalty. Students may continue their courses of study pending the outcome of appeals, but will be required to amend or withdraw their enrollment if appeals are denied.

Student meetings and representation

Students may meet at the campus provided that they have obtained permission from the Academic Director-Student Affairs. In addition they must have made prior reservations and obtained permission for venues and the right to invite speakers.

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