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Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work

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Don’t Accept the Problem. Be Part of the Solution.

As an empowered female leader, you can boost your organisation’s diversity and inclusion ratings and bring about meaningful transformation.

The result? A more representative and more profitable company, equipped to succeed in the new reality being ushered in by the pandemic and its after-effects.

At Richfield, we are always open to different views and voices – especially where these can translate into direct, disruptive action that opens doors to previously marginalised groups.

Our Executive Education programmes are designed to hone the skills of the business leaders of today – and tomorrow. Richfield graduates become agents of change in their organisation – and are destined for accelerated career advancement.


Intro to the workshop

Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work.

This all-new workshop-based programme from Richfield has been created to empower female leaders in the post-COVID reality, and to challenge some the assumptions that underpinned the old order.

With a focus on diversity and inclusion, this course will help you grow and evolve as a leader and equip with the tools you need you to inspire others to join the movement towards workplace transformation.

We’ll ask difficult questions – and find what could be surprising answers.

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Course Details

Dates: 04 – 26 August 2021
Days & Times: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 09h00- 11h00
Format: Online workshops, arranged in microbursts
Resources: Full access to a dedicated, intuitive learner platform
Cost: R12 000, including all course materials and sessions
Qualify for a discount of 20% if you register on or before 16 July and pay only R9 600

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Speaker Bio

Shireen Chengadu is a leading author and strategic thinker in leadership with specific but not exclusive focus on Gender Studies and Women in Leadership. She is passionate about and skilled in building inclusive work cultures and management and leadership capabilities for complex and uncertain times.

In 2016, she founded Chengadu Advisory (Pty) Ltd, the vehicle through which she has offered consulting and advisory services to multiple corporates and educational institutions in and out of South Africa.

From 2002 she served in various executive and faculty roles at the Gordon Institute of Business Science and from 2017-mid 2019 in a senior management role at University of Pretoria.

Shireen is committed to developing and sponsoring emerging and future leaders and draws on her diverse board, industry experience and diverse networks to mentor and coach individuals to reach their full potential in a dynamic new world of work and life.

With effect August 2020, Shireen assumed the position of Group Chief Academic Officer of Richfield Holdings.

Business and Academic Accolades:

  1. Nomination for Finweek’s 10 Women to Watch.  August 2014
  2. Named as finalist for Top Businesswoman of the Year Award category 11th Annual Standard Bank Top Women Awards. August 2014
  3. Publication of Peer Reviewed Book, Chengadu S & Scheepers C (2017) Women Leadership in Emerging Markets, Routledge NY.
  4. Awarded sole license for Dialogue in the Dark South Africa (Through Dialogue Social Enterprise Germany) 2019 -current
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