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Women Leading the Way


An inclusive approach to initiating disruption and action, with an exploration of the power of vulnerability as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. A challenging experience that will help participants confront and move beyond their fears into a brave new world of gender equality where transformation is being driven by exceptional minds. A world in which assumptions will crumble and previous certainties will be exposed as fragile. Beyond the artifice of the glass ceiling exists a high-performance realm accessible only to women who are prepared to learn, laugh and lead.


Who is the Course Suitable For

This course is ideal for

  • Aspiring and entry level women managers
  • More senior women managers
  • Aspiring and current female managers from all business sectors; not just corporates

Topics/Themes to be covered

Topic 1:          

Macro, Meso, Micro Levels: policies and practices around diversity, inclusion and transformation agendas and the role of women as change agents.

Topic 2:

Business, Government, Society: skills, techniques, and strategies for lobbying for change and engaging with key stakeholders in identifying and exploiting opportunities for positive change.

Topic 3:

Agility, Agency and Urgency: building resilience in the face of ‘black swan’ events like the pandemic, and being prepared as individuals and leaders for the next curveball.

Topic 4:

Ambition, Audacity and Authenticity: owning your ambitions and staying true to your goals.

Learning outcomes

Participants will have gained a greater understanding of the current, post-pandemic context of the gender equality agenda, and how this can best be advanced through the use of technology and mindset shifts. They will be able to successfully apply intersectionality theory in the context of gender equality efforts. Participants will have gained an overview of barriers and opportunities, and how both can be approach with a view to influencing leaders – and taking on leadership roles. Participants will also gain the skills and mindfulness required to identify and eliminate bias, and promote the wellbeing of women through improved resilience in the face of existing and anticipated challenges.


R9 990


Online during the day (08:00 – 12:00)


Course date

August – 1,2,3,4 (4 days – 4 hours)

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