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Soft Skills Matter in the Endemic World of Work


Accelerate your leadership journey through understanding how and why soft leadership skills are so important in the modern workplace – and how to hone and deploy them to become a more effective leader.


Who is the Course Suitable For

  • Senior leaders who are energised by the opportunities in the new world of work

Topics/Themes to be covered

Topic 1:          

The critical role of soft skills in the new world of work

Topic 2:

The need for holistic approaches to wellness in the new normal

Topic 3:

Soft skills as a business imperative as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace

Topic 4:

The disruptive role of digital technology, and how it can be integrated with soft skills amplification

Learning outcomes

Participants will have been able to optimise their personal growth and be empowered to deliver and drive sustainable change within their organisation, with a view to enabling transformative impacts on personal career trajectories and stakeholder communities.


Price on request.


1 day online –  08h00 – 16h00

Course date

Please enquire with us to receive the latest course schedule.

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