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Measuring What Counts

New Economics and Strategising in a Changing World


We can only manage what we can measure – but what should we be measuring. The paradigm shifts in business caused by the pandemic and its aftermath have made this question more pertinent than ever. With the ground shifting beneath our feet, it has become clear that conventional measures of business success and economic advancement are at best inadequate and at worst, actively misleading. We need a new set of metrics – rooted in contextual intelligence and taking account of past, present and future influences – if we are to accurately and meaningfully assess where we are going, and how, in today’s dynamic and fluid economic landscape. After all, if we are not measuring what counts, why are we measuring at all?


Who is the Course Suitable For

  • Business leaders, strategists, innovators, business owners, NGO leaders, policymakers/thought leaders/influencers;
  • Anyone interested in how the world works, or who is motivated to build and succeed with alternative business models, and is committed to having a more meaningful impact;
  • People who can’t just imagine the future, but who are actively creating it.

What delegates can expect

  • Interactive discussions and learnings that explore a more nuanced view of the world, our future and the thinking that will take us there;
  • An alternative take on economics;
  • A practical understanding of local and international economics;
  • An exploration of adaptation and competition strategies in a dynamic economic landscape; and
  • Diverse and applicable real-world case studies.

Topics/Themes to be covered

  • Global economics and international business strategy;
  • Changing global dynamics and their impact on business;
  • Strategic thinking, leadership and competitiveness;
  • Using fresh and relevant constructs, metrics and indices to navigate context
  • Understanding how contextual relevance affects the role and impact of business

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will have acquired:

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of the field of economics and its application;
  • Practical insights into rapidly changing global dynamics;
  • An appreciation of the relevance of various forms of diversity to business;
  • A new approach to strategy for an endemic world; and
  • Enhancing leadership skills and competencies in preparation for strategic engagements in international business.


R9 900 per delegate


Online during the day (08:00 – 16:00)

Course date

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 16 & 17, 2022

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