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Coaching for Success

Unlocking your personal and professional potential


Through enhanced emotional, cognitive and behavioural competencies, it is possible to guide and shape outcomes rather than passively awaiting them. In this way, people can alter how they are perceived by themselves and others, and create new opportunities, both professionally and personally.

Achieving these goals can require shifts in mindsets of the kind we cannot always achieve ourselves; instead, expert coaching interventions are often required in order to take skillsets to the levels required to deliver sustained operational excellence.

A safe, trust-based environment will be created, and sharing is encouraged.


Who is the Course Suitable For

This course is ideal for

  • Aspiring and entry level managers
  • More senior managers
  • Any professional wanting to operate and perform at their best
  • Working professionals looking to enhance their emotional, cognitive and behavioural abilities

Topics/Themes to be covered

Topic 1:          

Holistic well-being: accessing and understanding the head, heart and body intelligence centres for enhanced performance.

Topic 2:

Neuroscientific insights into the physical impacts of stress.

Topic 3 :

Coping with information overload and reclaiming your energy from digital distractions.

Topic 4:

The role of emotions in the workplace: understanding yourself and others and channelling emotional energy in productive, mutually beneficial ways.

Topic 5:

Career management skills including enhanced resilience to prevent negative emotions from limiting self-belief and, consequently, career growth.

Topic 6:

Improving performance through effective team creation and leadership.  How to cultivate effective teams and leadership in high performance teams.

Topic 7:

Introducing authenticity, confidence and compassion into your personal leadership style.

Topic 8:

Contemporary conflict resolution through communication approaches that are relevant in our pandemic- and post-pandemic world.

Topic 9:

Dream mapping for clarity on goals and purpose – and routes to attaining them.

Learning outcomes

Participants will have benefitted from involvement in coaching circles and will have been able their minds to new ideas and approaches. This in turn will lead to enhance personal growth based on improved competencies as a base for more effective thinking, communication and interpersonal engagements. Through involvement in a supportive, safe space and group context, self-confidence and resilience will have been improved. Career goals will be seen in a new context once participants have mastered the ability to shape and guide desired outcomes. Through improved creativity and collaboration, personal and professional outcomes will be improved both for the duration of the course and long after it.

Richfield Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon completion.

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