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The Art of Negotiation


At every level within every organisation, negotiation is a vital business skill. Whether forging new agreements or revising existing arrangements, being able to negotiate effectively depends on having a clear view of your desired goals, or possible obstacles along the way, and of the importance of those goals for your career, the growth of your company, and the empowerment of your community. The world is undergoing seismic change, which means that a more dynamic approach to negotiating is required.


Who is the Course Suitable For

  • Organisational leaders
  • Anyone seeking to ensure better outcomes in all areas of their life

What delegates can expect

  • Engaging, stimulating conversations
  • Insights into hidden variables that can impact the sustainability and strategic importance of achieved results
  • A toolkit for achieving desired personal and professional outcomes
  • Enhanced ability to influence others in negotiation settings

Topics/Themes to be covered

On completion of this course, you will have an enhanced understanding of:

  • Self-leadership for effective negotiations
  • Insights into the 5 stages of negotiation – and how to win each of them
  • Engineering win-win scenarios
  • Ethical decision making that’s aligned with your values
  • The importance of relationships and sustainable outcomes

Learning outcomes

The following learning outcomes can be expected:

  • Enhanced and applicable conversational intelligence
  • The ability to enhance and address challenging situations
  • Advice on engineering better working relationships
  • The confidence to insist on win-win or no deal outcomes


R9 990


Two days of online delivery, in two sessions.

Course date


01 and 02 – 08h00 – 16h00 each day

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