National Certificate in Public Management N4-N6

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The programme progresses through three levels. Each N level takes place over one semester.
After each semester, students are eligible for a National Certificate on that level. We recommend
continuing through all three levels in order to qualify for the National Diploma. The National
Diploma requires students to work for 18 months in a Public Management department before
they are entitled to receive a National Diploma.

Section 1

Entry Level Requirements




• An appropriate National Senior
Certificate or Grade 12
• NCV L4
• A National Certificate: N4: Public
Managment or an Equivalent
• A National Certificate: N5: Public
Managment or an Equivalent
Section 2

Modules by Semester




• Public Administration
• Computer Practice
• Management Communication
• Entrepreneurship and Business
• Public Administration
• Public Finance
• Municipal Administration
• Computer Practice
• Public Administration
• Municipal Administration
• Public Finance
• Public Law
Section 3

Articulation Options




This qualification has been designed to
allow entry into N5.
This qualification has been designed to
allow entry into N6.
Higher certificate, Diploma
or Bachelor’s Degree.

The following criteria must be met in order to write the National DHET Examinations

* DP 40%

* Attendance Ratio 80%

Section 4

Career Paths

  • Public Sector General Manager
  • Public Sector Administration Manager
  • Public Sector Human Resource Manager
  • Data Capturer
  • Municipal Officer
  • Community Co-Ordinater
  • Clerk
  • Communication Officer
Section 5

Learning Outcomes

  • Public finance
  • Personnel management
  • Sustainable development
  • Legislative procedures
  • Information technology
  • Knowledge – skills – applications necessary for public managers to models of governance
Section 6

National Diploma: Public Management

Completion of National Certificates: Public Management N4, N5 and N6 as above plus 18 months of practical experience in a workplace shall result in the award of a National Diploma: Public Management.

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