National Certificate in Information Technology: Systems Development (NQF 5)

MICT SETA Qualification Information Technology 131 Credits 1 Year Register Online
Section 1

Purpose of Qualification

The purpose of this qualification is to enhance readiness and provide entry into the areas
of Systems Development at NQF 5. It prepares students for entry into the workplace or as
an undergraduate study in Systems Development areas covered, providing them with the
necessary knowledge needed for further study in the fields of Information Technology and
Computer Sciences.

Section 2

Career Focus

  • Computer Programmer
  • Project Planner
  • Data Capturer
  • Lab Assistant
  • Systems Development Manager
  • Data Centre Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Centre Administrator
Section 3

Registered with

Department of Higher Education and Training.

Section 4

Accredited by

MICT Seta ( SAQA ID: 48872)

Section 5

Admission Requirements

New National Senior Certificate (NSC) that allow entry to the Higher Education Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree OR Equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification.

Section 6


This qualification was developed to allow for further study in Information Technology and related fields at Higher Education levels. It will allow the qualified student to progress to further qualifications either in Systems Development or other IT domains, or into related industries where IT is a key component. In particular, this qualification has been designed to allow entry into the National Diploma in Systems Development at NQF level 5 and into current tertiary qualifications at National Diploma level.

Section 7

Assessment of Programme

Assessment is conducted as both Formative Assessment and Summative Assessments. The Formative Assessment is covered as Continuous Assessment Tests and compilation of a Portfolio of Evidence by the student. The Summative Assessment takes place as a National Summative exam for First and Second Semesters. It is compulsory for all students to complete WIL for completion of the programme.

Section 8

Course Structure

  • Personal Development
  • Database Design. Implementation and Development Volume 1
  • Computer Programming, Development and Problem Solving Volume 1
  • Database Design, Implementation and Development Volume 2
  • Gathering Techniques for Computer Systems Development
  • Computer Programming, Development and Problem Solving Volume 2
  • Programming and the World Wide Web
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